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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013

Understand the Signs of Female Attraction

Understand the Signs of Female Attraction


If you want to know how to mastering your success with women you need to know a bit about basic body language.

Not only can you use the signs of female attraction to get intimate with women but you can also use the knowledge in so many ways in life, so do yourself a favor and use a minute to read this article and learn the basic of body language which will give you some sort of success in life.

Body language is the most revealing, significant and fluent communication we as humans have. Body Language is what tells and shows your feelings and thoughts simply by the way you move, stand or sit your body, or even not doing anything at all.

Not even saying a single word shows thousands of conscious and unconscious signals.

Body language is the language that is responsible for any impression you create in people’s minds about your personality and state of mind.

Statistics show that about 55% of what we actually mean and feel is communicated through the non-verbal signals. Your tone of voice counts for about 38% and your spoken word is the rest.

The first impression we create in people’s mind about us is the strongest and most lasting. It takes about 90 seconds for people to judge the opposite person.

90 seconds is the timeframe you have to make a good impression, and this can be tough because most of us are totally unaware of all those signals that express our thoughts and feelings more than our words also when it comes signs of physical attraction.

Women are naturals at reading body language and around 10 times better than any normal man at reading and communicating with non-verbal body language and also a lot better at reading female signals then men. Women can tell a person’s mood just by looking and detect the state of mind from the body language.


know these female attraction signs


Basically speaking inside the dating game girls normally use their heads and men use their chests in most of their non-verbal communication.

Female romantic body language is usually the women toss their hair or sweep their heads backs as signs of attraction and the guys would just puff out their chests, walk upright, hold their head up and their shoulders back.

Also, the female will usually have an accentuated roll with the hips when she is walking near the object of her interest especially when she wants to show signs of physical attraction.

The art of reading physical language is far from a precise science. It’s simply observation, a two parts interpretation.

Look for constant groups of gestures, a suddenly inconsistent movement and look out for patterns.

A great deal of body language has to be read in clusters, rather than forming a strong opinion from just one action.

Sometimes it is a lot easier for an outside observer to read the signs than it truly is for the actual participant.


Unfavorable Body Language Signs

The following signs are not body language signs that she likes you, so if these are displayed to you or you display the following signs, they are usual considered as signals to back off or not interested:

  • Arms Crossed. Any kind of defensive closed-up physique posture indicates a barrier in between two folks when they’re conversing.
  • Yawning might normally indicate a state of boredom and is usually a positive sign of lack of interest.
  • Turning his or her physique away from you or giving no room for minimal physical movement. As one gets uninterested in somebody, one tries to move away and stops talking.
  • Lack of eye contact and staring away from your glances. Shifty eyes and blinking eyes can indicate deception.
  • Inattentiveness to what you are saying
  • Frequent head nodding indicate a loss of connection most of the time.




Positive Body Language Signs

The following are excellent signs of female attraction and if the following signs are displayed to you, then start flirting with the woman if you are interested in starting dating or be intimate with her:

  • High level of eye contact with and blinking. If a person likes somebody they frequently make an effort to match the other blink rate and maintain in sync with the person. Intense flirting will typically result in eye to eye contact and looking long and hard on the mouth. The eyes are the window towards the soul and one of the very sure female attraction signals if you should approach a woman.
  • Nodding. A bit of nodding is actually a fantastic sign if it really is accomplished periodically, indicating that you’re on exactly the same wavelength.
  • Increased physical contact. If the touching is warm rather than suggestive, it’s a one the very best signs of girl attraction if she touch you.
  • Body positioning by leaning forward and being in a relaxed position pointing in the direction of your individual of attraction is usually an all-too-good sign of interest. These break the barriers down indicating non-defensive and open thoughts that are relaxed and comfortable.
  • Mirroring. Unconsciously reflecting the other’s behavior – leaning forward simultaneously, breathing in sync, crossing the exact same leg over the other at the same, speaking in the very same tone, indicates that there is pretty much a little bit of attraction involved, as it implies that each of you are in the similar degree of attraction.


If you experience any of these female attraction signals you can be pretty much sure the particular woman is interested in you one way or another.

These are spot genuine signs of female attraction so instead of passing on the chance of approaching the women, go to her and say hi and start flirting – You have nothing to lose since she already show you signs of female attraction.

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